All-in-One WP Migration


This plugin exports your WordPress website including the database, media files, plugins and themes with no technical knowledge required.
Upload your site to a different location with a drag and drop in to WordPress.
There is an option to apply an unlimited number of find and replace operations on your database during the export process. The plugin will also fix any
serialisation problems that occur during the find/replace operation.

Mobile device compatible: All in One WP Plugin is the first plugin to offer true mobile experience on WordPress versions 3.3 and up.

No limitations on host or operating system

Bypass all upload size restriction

  • We use chunks to import your site data. Most providers set the maximum upload file size to 2MB. As the file restrictions are only applied to each chunk, webserver upload size restrictions are bypassed by keeping the chunks under 2MB to easily upload your entire site.

Zero Dependencies

  • The plugin does not require any PHP extensions and works with all versions of PHP from v5.2 onwards. This is great news for v5.2 users who are unsupported by many other products.

Поддръжка за MySQL и MySQLi

  • No matter what php mysql driver your webserver ships with, we support it.

Съвместим с WordPress v3.3 до настоящата версия

  • We have a comprehensive Quality Assurance and testing process that ensures that the plugin is always compatible with the latest release of WordPress, but we don’t support versions of WordPress prior to version 3.3 (2012)

WP-CLI Integration is available in Unlimited Extension


  • For the community version of the plugin please watch the instruction videos below and see our FAQ.
  • If you have more complex requirements, our team is here to help. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch at
  • Всички платени продукти включват поддръжка.

Migrate WordPress to cloud storage services using our completely new premium extensions

All of the Cloud Storage and Multisite extensions include premium support and the Unlimited extension free of charge

Поддържани хостинг доставчици

The plugin does not have any dependencies, making it compatible with all PHP hosting providers. We support a vast range of hosting providers. Some of the most popular include:

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Privacy Policy

All-in-One WP Migration asks for your consent to collect requester’s email address when filling plugin’s contact form. GDPR Compliant Privacy Policy

Снимки на разширението

  • Мобилна страница за експортиране
  • Мобилна страница за импортиране
  • Plugin Menu


  1. All-in-One WP Migration can be installed directly through your WordPress
    Plugins dashboard.
  2. Натиснете „Добавяне на нов“ и търсете за „All-in-One WP Migration“
  3. Инсталиране и активиране

Alternatively you can download the plugin using the download button on this page and then upload the all-in-one-wp-migration folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory then activate throught the Plugins dashboard in WordPress


юли 23, 2019
I used all in one wp migration for the first time to migrate a offline built site to the server. The process was very easy and there e was a good documentation. Only with the upload I had some problems, but due to some settings of my provider. So I asked the support of ServMask which responded very fast and help me until the problem was fixed and everything worked fine. I was excited about this quick and friendly service. Not so usual nowadays. After the upload I found one or two little issue, but they were very easy to fix in a minute. Everything else worked fine, so the all in one wp migration is a great deal (I had only the basic version)
юли 22, 2019
Seriously? "You would need to create the folders manually and provide them 0777 permissions to operate" permissions 777 is totally crazy! 750 for directories and 640 for files should always be enough! NEVER use 777! --- All-in-One WP Migration plugin needs proper file and folder permissions to work. It needs properly set permissions to create folders ‘ai1wm-backups’ and ‘storage’ in specific paths: (...) ‘storage’ folder must be present inside /wordpress/wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-wp-migration, and ‘ai1wm-backups’ must be present inside /wordpress/wp-content path. If the plugin is not able to create them, you would need to create the folders manually and provide them 0777 permissions to operate. This permission means granting rights to read, write and execute for owner, group and all other users within that directory.
юли 22, 2019
Hi, I write this review only to say the author that the new versions fail to import. They stops at 100% and then nothing. This happens after using for a lot of times the plugin that is simply perfect and worked fine before last version. After hours of trial, convinced it was a hosting issue, I found the solution in a web post. Someone says to downgrade downloading the 6.68 version for who had the '100% and stop'. I was so disperate to try this crazy solution..but it worked fine, Thanks God. My 'only' 3 stars are only to ask the author..Why this strange thing? Thanks.
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Списък с промени



  • Allow only users with export an import capability to see the list of backups. This issue was introduced in version 7.0 (Thanks to Ed from siliconforks for reporting)



  • DB_CHARSET and DB_COLLATE are stored in the backup
  • Display a notice when logged in user is administrator without export/import capabilities


  • Escape backup labels. (Thanks to Connum for reporting)


  • Create backup button on Backups page starts a full export.



  • ARIA support


  • Download button position



  • Delete failed import/exports older than 24 hours



  • Remove the cleanup of failed imports. It causes some of the imports to fail



  • Decrease memory use during export and import of the database
  • Wait 5 seconds longer for servers to process export/import jobs


  • Removed emoticon from Import success screen



  • Simplified the text on successful import
  • Improved the speed of exporting the database


  • Feedback option from the sidebar



  • Workaround for PHP 7.3.2 bug when database export uses more memory



  • Reverted monkey-patched fix for some GoDaddy hosting plans. The issue was fixed by GoDaddy yesterday



  • Improved URL replacement
  • Improved compatibility with some of GoDaddy hosting plans



  • Tested up to WordPress 5.1



  • Table data type issue on export/import
  • PHP notice on custom backup labels



  • Custom backup labels on Backups page
  • Support for OptimizePress


  • Translation text on Import page



  • Support for MySQL BIT field type


  • WP CLI issue on export/import



  • Tested up to WordPress 5.1



  • Set the type of backup file during download via HTML attribute
  • Removed Math_BigInteger class which was causing issues with other plugins



  • Check for minimum required extension version on import
  • Disable Join My Multisite, MultiSite Clone Duplicator and WordPress MU Domain Mapping plugins after restoring a backup


  • Support for WordPress 3.3