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E2U AJAX Subscribe Newsletter


Here you can add this plugin in your wordPress website to get Subscribers email address. And those email aaddresses will show in your wordPress Admin Dashboard in a row of Table. You need to only paste the shortcode where you want to place this form.

Short Description

Here you can add this plugin in your wordPress website to get Subscribers email address.

A brief Markdown

  1. AJAX SUbscribe Form
  2. Can change Email fields & submit buttons class, email fileds placeholders, submit button’s labels if you need.
  3. Only use to shortcode.

Снимки на разширението


How to Install and use it?

Step-1: Download, uplaod & activate it in your wordpress Dashboard. Then you will find a tab in your wordpress dashboard menu E2U Subscribers List.
Step-2: You can confiqure this by adding a specific classes for Form, Input and Button tag. And also can add a label in submit buttons.
Step-3: You need to use the shortcode in your wordpress website whereever you want to use it.

That’s all. Now, user will subscribe you and you will get the subscribers list in the E2U subscribers List tabs from Subscribers List.


To use what to do?

ANS: Only paste the shortcode from the E2U Subscribers List.

Is it Free?

ANS: Yes.

Is it made with AJAX?

ANS: Yes.


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