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Multilanguage plugin is a great way to translate your WordPress website to other languages. Add translated content to pages, posts, widgets, menus, custom post types, taxonomies, etc. Let your visitors switch languages and browse content in their language.

Create and manage your multilingual website today!

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Free Features

  • Manually translate:
    • Pages
    • Posts
    • Post category names
    • Post tag names
    • Menus (partially)
  • 80+ pre-installed languages
  • Add new languages
  • Choose the default language
  • Search website content by:
    • Current language
    • All languages
  • Add language switcher to:
    • Navigation menu
    • Widgets
  • Change display order in the language switcher
  • Multiple language switcher layouts
    • Drop-down list with languages and icons
    • Drop-down flag icons
    • Flag icons
    • Languages list
    • Google Auto Translate
  • Choose language flag icon:
    • Default
    • Custom
  • Translate Open Graph meta tags
  • Display translation availability in the posts and taxonomy lists
  • Compatible with:
    • Classic Editor
    • Block Editor (Gutenberg) [NEW]
  • Add hreflang links to section
  • Hide link slug for the default language
  • Translation-ready admin dashboard
  • Add custom code via plugin settings page
  • Compatible with latest WordPress version
  • Incredibly simple settings for fast setup without modifying code
  • Detailed step-by-step documentation and videos
  • Multilingual and RTL ready

Pro Features

All features from Free version included plus:

  • Translate custom:
    • Post types
    • Taxonomies
    • Fields
  • Translate:
    • Post category and tag descriptions
    • Widget titles
    • Website title
    • Website tagline
  • Compatible with Elementor Page Builder
  • Compatible with Advanced Custom Fields
  • Change language slug position in the website URL
  • Create separate menus for different languages
  • Display/hide widgets for different languages
  • Switch language automatically based on user’s IP
  • Add short language slug to the URL
  • Get answer to your support question within one business day (Support Policy)

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Documentation & Videos

Help & Support

Visit our Help Center if you have any questions, our friendly Support Team is happy to help –


  • Czech (cs_CZ) (thanks to Michal Kučera,, PaMaDeSSoft,
  • Spanish (es_ES) (thanks to Ibidem Translations,
  • Polish (pl_PL) (thanks to Emil Król)
  • Russian (ru_RU)
  • Ukrainian (uk)

Some of these translations are not complete. We are constantly adding new features which should be translated. If you would like to create your own language pack or update the existing one, you can send the text of PO and MO files to BestWebSoft and we’ll add it to the plugin. You can download the latest version of the program for work with PO and MO files Poedit.

Recommended Plugins

  • Updater – Automatically check and update WordPress website core with all installed plugins and themes to the latest versions.
  • PDF & Print – Generate PDF files and print WordPress posts/pages. Customize document header/footer styles and appearance.

Снимки на разширението

  • Language switcher widget in the frontend.
  • Language switcher in the site menu.
  • Plugin settings page.
  • Plugin languages page.
  • Edit language page.
  • Post/page editor (Gutenberg).
  • Post/page editor with translation tabs (Classic Editor).
  • Превод form for adding a new category.
  • Превод form for editing a category.
  • Превод form for adding a new tag.
  • Adding and configuring language switcher widget in the admin panel.
  • Adding language switcher into site menu.


  1. Upload the multilanguage folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin using the ‘Plugins’ menu in your WordPress admin panel.
  3. You can adjust the necessary settings using your WordPress admin panel > „Multilanguage“.
  4. Plugin page is located in main menu.

View a Step-by-step Instruction on Multilanguage Installation


Does Multilanguage plugin translate website content automatically?

Yes, you can add Google Auto Translate switcher using widget or via the corresponding shortcode.

How do I change the language my content is displayed in?

You can change content display language through the widget, which is activated automatically when you activate the plugin if you have an active sidebar. If you have several active sidebars, the widget is added to the sidebar, which features a search widget. But if you do not have an active sidebar, you need to create it and add Multilanguage widget manually.

Where do I get these language packs of the extra languages?

You can find all official translation files in WordPress language repository.

So whenever I change the language for my content, WordPress localization in the frontend also changes?

In the plugin settings, you can enable/disable an option to switch WordPress localization when the language is changed in the frontend. If you enable this option, you must install additional language packs for WordPress to have this function working. However, in the backend, WordPress localization corresponds to the default language, and cannot be changed.

There is no adding block for Multilanguage switcher in Edit Menus

It seems like this block is disabled in Screen Options of your page. Please open Screen Options on the page (in the upper right corner of the screen) and enable Multilanguage checkbox.

Can I use Multilanguage plugin on a multisite?

Yes, you can use Multilanguage on a multi-site without any problems as well. The plugin settings on each site will be unique.

How can I add more alternate links for current page?

You can use ‘bwsplgns_mltlngg_add_alt_links’ filter to do that. For example, you want that search engines firstly indexed exactly English-language pages of your site for people from New Zealand and South Africa. Just add the following code into „functions.php“ of your theme:

function get_additional_links( $links_attr ) {
    /* English for New Zealand */
    $links_attr[] = array( 'hreflang' => 'en_NZ', 'link_param' => 'en_GB' );
    /* English for South Africa */
    $links_attr[] = array( 'hreflang' => 'en_ZA', 'link_param' => 'en_GB' );
    return $links_attr;
add_filter( 'bwsplgns_mltlngg_add_alt_links', 'get_additional_links' );

Note: before you have to choose English (for England) as one of languages of your website.

I added several whitespaces between words during the post content editing in the text mode. They are gone after I switched to the visual mode. Why?

After the mode switching, the post content has been automatically filtered to remove all odd symbols or HTML tags which can disrupt pages layout on your website. This functionality is related to WordPress core and our plugin does not affect it in any way.

When title and content is empty, none of the changes get saved when I update the post

When title and content fields in active language tab are empty when you are trying to update the post after editing, the changes will not be saved and an error message will appear. You need to fill at least one field or switch to another language tab (which contains some content in the specified input fields) and try to update once again.

How can I change element’s style in the frontend for certain language?

„mltlngg-{current language slug}“ class type has been added to <body> tag for an ability to stylize content of certain language. For example, if you want to set a green color for <p> when the English language is selected, it is necessary to:
1. Go to WordPress admin panel „Multilanguage“ -> „Custom Code“;
2. Check off „Activate“ in „Editing bws-custom-code.css“ block and enter the following code:

.mltlngg-en_US p {
    color: green;
  1. Save changes.

I have some problems with the plugin’s work. What Information should I provide to receive proper support?

Please make sure that the problem hasn’t been discussed yet on our forum ( If no, please provide the following data along with your problem’s description:
– The link to the page where the problem occurs
– The name of the plugin and its version. If you are using a pro version – your order number.
– The version of your WordPress installation
– Copy and paste into the message your system status report. Please read more here: Instruction on System Status


It is not very effective recognizing regions from US territories. Most of the test tiles from Puerto Rico clients land on a USA content. IT will be a good functionality to separate language from Geo location response.
I tried this plugin on my website, it was working fine. So I decided to buy the pro version as translation for custom post was needed. But as soon as I installed the Pro version, all other plugins stopped working. Clearly their pro version was culprit, as deactivating this one restores everything to normal. Even WordPress's default functionalities got disturbed. Plugin update screen was showing available updates counter but update options were missing. There was no way to update the plugins. Apart from all this they won't provide you any support. On their website they claim priority support to Pro customers, 1 day response time. I created a ticket on May 8th, 2019 got response on May 13th, 2019. I was not satisfied with their scripted answer so I replied to the thread and got next reply on May 16th. Again they didn't provided the solution. I asked for a timeline for the fix of issues. They said 2 months. After requesting for a quick fix, they started responding rudely. After that I asked for a refund and they went completely mute. No Response from past 10 days. NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL!!!
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Списък с промени

V1.3.6 – 03.06.2020

  • NEW: The compatibility with page builder Gutenberg has been added.

V1.3.5 – 27.04.2020

  • PRO: The compatibility with Advanced Custom Fields has been added.
  • Update : All functionality for WordPress 5.4 has been updated.
  • Update : BWS menu has been updated.

V1.3.4 – 04.09.2019

  • Update: The deactivation feedback has been changed. Misleading buttons have been removed.

V1.3.3 – 02.05.2019

  • PRO : The compatibility with page builder Elementor has been added.
  • Update : All functionality for WordPress 5.1.1 has been updated.

V1.3.2 – 20.11.2018

  • Budfix : Plugin optimization has been completed.
  • PRO : Bug related to the custom fields was fixed.

V1.3.1 – 23.04.2018

  • Bugfix : The compatibility with WooCommerce has been improved.
  • Bugfix : The bug with paragraphs was fixed.
  • Update : Czech language file has been updated.

V1.3.0 – 19.02.2018

  • Bugfix : Bug related to the incorrect homepage URL has been fixed.

V1.2.9 – 14.02.2018

  • NEW : Ability to translate Open Graph metadata has been added.
  • PRO : Ability to translate post category and tag descriptions has been added.

V1.2.8 – 08.11.2017

  • NEW : Google Auto Translate switcher type has been added.

V1.2.7 – 05.10.2017

  • Bugfix : Bug with broken redirection connected with SSL has been fixed.
  • PRO : The compatibility with WooCommerce has been improved.

V1.2.6 – 28.09.2017

  • Update : Spanish language file has been added.
  • Update : Czech language file has been updated.
  • Bugfix : Bug with terms translation has been fixed.
  • Bugfix : Bug with ‘www.’ in the URL has been fixed.

V1.2.5 – 29.08.2017

  • Update : The compatibility with Visual Composer has been improved.
  • Bugfix : Bug with subdirectory WordPress installation has been fixed.
  • Bugfix : Bug with multiple lang slugs in the link has been fixed.
  • PRO : Ability to set language slug position in the URL has been added.
  • PRO : Bug with multiple text editors on the page has been fixed.

V1.2.4 – 13.06.2017

  • Update : The list of languages has been updated.
  • Update : Czech language file has been updated.
  • Bugfix : Bug with website’s default language switching has been fixed.
  • Bugfix : Bug with website search has been fixed.
  • Bugfix : Bug with hidden current language tab during post editing has been fixed.
  • Bugfix : Yoast SEO compatibility issue has been fixed.
  • Bugfix : WP-CLI compatibility issue has been fixed.

V1.2.3 – 24.03.2017

  • Bugfix : Bug with hiding link slug for the default language was fixed.
  • Update : Czech language file was updated.

V1.2.2 – 22.03.2017

  • NEW: Ability to change a language flag icon was added.
  • NEW: New language switcher type was added.
  • Update : The plugin settings page has been updated.
  • NEW: Translation Saving Mode was added.
  • Bugfix : Bugs with search were fixed.
  • Bugfix : Wrong link formation bug in the menu Language switcher was fixed.

V1.2.1 – 14.12.2016

  • NEW: Compatibility with Visual Composer Backend Editor and Divi builder was added.
  • PRO: Compatibility with Page Builder by SiteOrigin was added.

V1.2.0 – 30.09.2016

  • NEW : The arabic language file was added.

V1.1.9 – 18.08.2016

  • NEW: Compatibility with PDF & Print by BestWebSoft plugin.
  • Pro: Ability to translate custom fields.

V1.1.8 – 15.07.2016

  • Update : BWS panel section was updated.

V1.1.7 – 28.06.2016

  • Bugfix : Bug with displaying the list of languages was fixed.
  • NEW : „mltlngg-{current language slug}“ class type has been added to tag for an ability to stylize content of certain language.

V1.1.6 – 30.05.2016

  • NEW : Ability to display aligned languages switcher in the site menu has been added.
  • Bugfix : Bug with displaying alternative page links was fixed.
  • Bugfix : The conflict with WooCommerce REST API was resolved.

V1.1.5 – 04.04.2016

  • NEW : Ability to add languages switcher into site menu.
  • NEW : The column which displays translation availability has been added to the posts and taxonomies list.
  • Update : Displaying Language switcher widget as Drop-down languages list was changed.
  • NEW : Ability to add custom styles.
  • NEW : The Czech language file was added.
  • Update : Saving data for languages in admin panel has been improved.

V1.1.4 – 22.02.2016

  • NEW : Abiliy to add links to your current page for each language from your site into the tag has been added.
  • NEW : Ability to hide link slug for default language has been added.
  • Update : Widget with languages switcher has been updated.

V1.1.3 – 04.12.2015

  • Bugfix : The bug with default searching was fixed.
  • Bugfix : The bug with plugin menu duplicating was fixed.

V1.1.2 – 29.09.2015

  • Bugfix : We fixed the bug with missing argument 2 for mltlngg_the_title_filter.
  • NEW : A button for Multilanguage shortcode inserting to the content was added.
  • NEW : Ability to restore settings to defaults.
  • NEW : Ability to default searching by the language which is currently selected for the site or all available languages.

V1.1.1 – 17.08.2015

  • New : We added new languages.

V1.1.0 – 10.07.2015

  • Bugfix : We fixed not saving data error when switching between tabs.

V1.0.9 – 11.06.2015

  • Bugfix : We added post updating when the plugin is deactivated for some time.
  • Bugfix : We fixed the bug with adding Russian language.

V1.0.8 – 29.04.2015

  • Bugfix : We fixed the bug when using the plugin with the php version less that 5.3.
  • Bugfix : We fixed the bug when using editor in the frontend.
  • Bugfix : We fixed the bug with read more tag when using it on pages.

V1.0.7 – 21.04.2015

  • NEW : The Polish language file is added.
  • Bugfix : A bug with displaying video was fixed.
  • Bugfix : A bug with compatibility with the Promobar plugin was fixed.
  • Bugfix : Page address changing bug when and address features letter combinations from the translation slug was fixed.
  • Bugfix : Display of categories translation in the Dashboard was fixed.
  • Bugfix : Access to the files in WP root directory bug was fixed.
  • Bugfix : Excerpt translation bug was fixed.
  • Bugfix : A bug with displaying messages when language chart is being edited was fixed.
  • Bugfix : A bug with compatibility with Booking System (Booking Calendar) plugin was fixed.
  • Bugfix : A bug with uploading images in NextGEN Gallery plugin when working with Multilanguage was fixed.
  • Update : An image for en_US was changed for the USA flag, and en_GB language was added.
  • Update : We updated all functionality for wordpress 4.2-RC2.

V1.0.6 – 24.02.2015

  • NEW: We added shortcode and the strings to paste into the template source code.
  • Bugfix : Fixed pagination for default permalinks.
  • Bugfix : Fixed author link for default permalinks.

V1.0.5 – 19.01.2015

  • Bugfix : Bugs with page title is fixed.

V1.0.4 – 14.01.2015

  • Bugfix : Private and password protected posts display was fixed.
  • Bugfix : We fixed errors while using .
  • Bugfix : Bugs that occurred if SERVER_PORT was present in the website address were fixed.

V1.0.3 – 26.12.2014

  • Bugfix : Error that occurs when WP is installed in a subfolder was fixed.

V1.0.2 – 22.12.2014

  • Bugfix : We fixed errors while front page displays a static page.
  • Bugfix : We removed constant DIR.
  • Update : We updated all functionality for wordpress 4.1.

V1.0.1 – 30.10.2014

  • Bugfix : We fixed errors while saving custom posts.

V1.0.0 – 22.10.2014

  • Release date of Multilanguage.