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Simpul Youtube by Esotech


Enables a widget that will pull a youtube feed via JSON by Youtube Username/UserID or PlaylistID and display text and/or video preview images. Supports images thumbnails, image thumbnail galleries (as slider) and more. Does not play videos on your site, only links out.

More Details


  1. Upload the plugin folder into to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or search „Simpul Youtube by Esotech“ and install.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Appearance -> Widgets
  4. Drag the „Youtube“ Widget into the Sidebar you want to use.
  5. Choose the options as you need them.


How do I get my videos to Display?

Look for „Youtube“ under Appearance -> Widgets. Drag it into a sidebar, type your Youtube name ex:EsotechInc into Youtube „Account or ID“, select User or Playlist, then choose the number of videos you wan’t to display. Click Save.

How does Caching Work?

Caching keeps a local copy of your videos at the interval specified so you don’t have to constantly contact Youtube. This saves on site load speed because you don’t have to make an external connection.

I am updating my widget settings, but nothing is changing, why?

Try disabling the cache, saving, refreshing the page where you widget displays, then turning cache back on. Cache saves data into wordpress, so updating settings won’t reflect until the next cache update.


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Сътрудници и разработчици

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Преглеждане на кода, разглеждане на SVN хранилище, или абонамент към програмната история (log) чрез RSS.

Списък с промени


  • Added autoplay (just below # of videos, appends autoplay parameter to link), remember this applies to all videos in the widget!


  • Added Classes to Youtube Video links to Trigger other jQuery effects.


  • Fixed missing double-quote that resulted in a problem with target=“_blank“ links.


  • Changed class to simpul-youtube and ID to simpul_youtube


  • Fixed dependency on SimpulEvents.


  • Added timthumb to thumbnails for proper zooming cropping, fixed height and width being set to same variable.


  • Derped and didn’t use wordpress stnadards for $before_widget and $after_widget. Fixed. Also added Changeable Title Element and Container around the Youtube Videos themselves. Fixed Image Below Positioning not working. Added Sliding Option to Individual Post with thumbnails.
  • Code cleanup.


  • Code cleanup.


  • Added caching.


  • Updated script queuing for efficiency and to prevent any conflict with other plugins, including other simpul plugins.


  • Added Slider, Added ability to use Playlist OR Username


  • First Upload