Advanced WordPress Backgrounds

Easy to use advanced Parallax, Image and Video backgrounds block plugin with parallax and video…

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Parallax Image

Insert a full width parallax image into your page with this simple shortcode. Parameters allow…

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WP Parallax Content Slider

A customizable JQuery content slider with CSS3 animations and parallax effects.

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Particle Background

Particle Background is background particle systems with parallax effect also controlled by the mouse on…

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Responsive, fullscreen background image with a parallax effect.

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Image Parallax

Create images with a parallax effect. Upload some layers, configure the animation, and publish !

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Elementor Parallax Effects Addon

This elementor parllax effect addon for Elementor live page builder allowing to apply parallax effect…

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Awesome Parallax Effects

This plugin use to adds parallax animations on any images/videos. The prallax effect is directly…

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AP Background

AP Background is a responsive WordPress advanced parallax background plugin. It allows users to easily…

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KickAss Slider

(I have used only 1 or 2 features of wordpress 3.5, if someone wants, he/she…

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MG Parallax Slider

Create parallax slider for your website. It provide ultimate admin panel for slide customization.

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WP W3D plugin

WP W3D aims to help WP users or developers to add easily several UI elements…

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