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Best SEO plugin for WordPress fully integrated with all page builders and themes!

Now with AI (GPT 4) to automagically generate meta title, description and alternative texts for images!

SEOPress is a powerful WordPress SEO plugin to optimize your SEO, boost your traffic, improve social sharing, build custom HTML and XML Sitemaps, create optimized breadcrumbs, add schemas / Google Structured data types, manage 301 redirections and so much more.

Universal SEO metabox: edit all your SEO from any page builder / theme builder. No more back and forth between your editor and the WordPress administration
No advertising, no footprints, white label, in backend AND frontend
Content analysis to help you write content optimized for search engines with unlimited target keywords
Import your post and term metadatas from other SEO plugins or CSV file in 1 click
Translated into 25 languages (and counting)
Trusted by over 300,000 WordPress websites since 2017

Buy SEOPress PRO: only $49 / year / 5 sites

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Why SEOPress is the best WordPress SEO plugin?

  • Save time: you prefer to work with Excel or Google Spreadsheets? No problem, you can import / export your metadata from CSV files with SEOPress PRO in few clicks!
  • Save money: SEOPress PRO is available for $49 / year / 5 sites. Go unlimited sites for just $149 / year!
  • All in one SEO plugin: comes with all the features you need to optimize the SEO of your WordPress site. No need to install additional extensions to manage redirects, schemas, XML sitemaps… You reduce the risk of conflicts and maintenance costs. You don’t need a special feature? Deactivate it with one click without losing your configuration. Child’s play !
  • Easy AND ready to use: you doesn’t need to know SEO or code to use SEOPress. Most of the parameters are automatically set. And thanks to our installation wizard, configuring SEOPress has never been easier. To go further, we provide many free tutorials and ebooks to learn SEO in order to better understand how to position your content on search engines.

SEOPress Free Features

  • Google Indexing API and IndexNow API (Bing / Yandex) to quickly index its content in these search engines
  • Installation wizard to quickly setup your site
  • Content analysis with unlimited keywords to help you write optimized content for search engines
  • Mobile / Desktop Google Preview to see how your post will looks like in Google search results
  • Facebook & X (ex-Twitter) Social Preview to see how your post will looks like on social media to increase conversions
  • Titles (with dynamic variables: custom fields, terms taxonomie…)
  • Meta descriptions (with dynamic variables too)
  • Open Graph and X (ex-Twitter) Cards to improve social media sharing (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, X (ex-Twitter), Pinterest, WhatsApp…)
  • Google Knowledge Graph
  • Google Analytics and Matomo with downloads tracking, custom dimensions, ip anonymization, remarketing, demographics and interest reporting, cross-domain tracking…(GDPR compatibility)
  • Microsoft Clarity integration: to capture session recordings, get instant heatmaps and powerful Insights for Free. Know how people interact with your site to improve user experience and conversions
  • Custom Canonical URL
  • Meta robots (noindex, nofollow, noimageindex, noarchive, nosnippet)
  • Build your custom XML Sitemap to improve search indexing
  • Image XML Sitemaps to improve search indexing for Google Images
  • Build your custom HTML Sitemap to enhanced navigation for visitors and improve search indexing
  • Link your social media accounts to your site
  • Redirections in post, pages, custom post types
  • Премахване на /category/ в URL
  • Remove /product-category/ in URLs
  • Remove ?replytocom to avoid duplicate content
  • Пренасочване на прикачени страници към основната публикация
  • Redirect attachment pages to their file URL
  • Image SEO: Automatically set the image title / alt / caption / description
  • Импорт / Експорт на настройки от сайт към сайт.
  • Import posts and terms metadata from Yoast SEO, All In One SEO, SEO Framework, Rank Math, SEO Ultimate, WP Meta SEO, Premium SEO Pack, Squirrly and many other SEO plugins

Check out all SEOPress Free features here

SEOPress PRO: to go further with your SEO

  • Use Artificial Intelligence (GPT 4 / Vision and GPT 3.5 Turbo) to generate SEO metadata and alternative texts for image files. Bulk actions supported.
  • Import / export metadata (titles, open graph, robots…) from / to CSV file
  • Video XML Sitemap to improve rankings in video search results. YouTube videos are automatically added.
  • Internal linking suggestions
  • Inspect URL with Google Search Console: get details about crawling, indexing, mobile compatibility, schemas and more.
  • Search Console integration: get insights from your post / page / post type list with clicks, positions, CTR and impressions.
  • Google Suggestions in Content Analysis to find the top 10 Google suggestions instantly. This is useful if you want to work with the long tail technique.
  • Google Structured Data types (
    1. article
    2. local business
    3. service
    4. how-to
    5. FAQ
    6. course
    7. recipe
    8. software application
    9. video
    10. event
    11. product
    12. job
    13. simple review
    14. site navigation element
    15. custom schema
  • Automatic Schemas with advanced conditions (AND, OR, Post types, taxonomies)
  • Breadcrumbs optimized with, A11Y ready. Elementor users? Try our custom breadcrumbs widget!
  • Google Analytics Stats in Dashboard to quickly see your metrics without leaving your site
  • Google Local Business to boost your local store
  • Broken link checker (SEOPress BOT): scan all your links in content to find errors (e.g. 404…)
  • WooCommerce: Product Global Identifiers type and Product Global Identifiers fields to WooCommerce metabox for product schema (barcode), disable crawling on cart page, checkout page, customer account pages, add OG Price / OG Currency for better sharing and more
  • Easy Digital Downloads: add OG Price / OG Currency, remove EDD meta generator
  • Custom Breadcrumbs for single post types / term taxonomy
  • Google Page Speed Insights to analyse your site performances on Mobile / Desktop + your Core Web Vitals
  • Google Enhanced Ecommerce for WooCommerce: measure purchases, singular product view details, additions to and removals from shopping carts
  • Edit your robots.txt file from the admin (multisite / multidomain ready)
  • Google News Sitemap to get your posts on Google News
  • 404 Monitoring: Monitor your 404 errors to improve user experience, performances and increase the crawl budget allocated by Google
  • Redirect 404 to homepage/custom url automatically with custom status code (301, 302, 307, 410 or 451)
  • Известия при откриване на 404
  • Redirect manager: create unlimited 301, 302, 307, 410 and 451 redirections. Regular expressions supported. Import / export redirections to CSV or htaccess file.
  • Импорт на пренасочените адреси чрез CSV
  • Import redirections from Redirections plugin (via a JSON file)
  • Edit your htaccess file from the admin
  • Easily customize your RSS feeds

Buy SEOPress PRO now!

WooCommerce SEO (SEOPress PRO required)

We support WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads for e-commerce sites.

  • Price and currency meta tags to improve social sharing
  • XML sitemaps for products
  • Support for WooCommerce product images and WooCommerce image galleries for the XML sitemap
  • Centralized way to set noindex meta robots tags on pages like cart, checkout…
  • Remove WooCommerce generator meta tag in the source code
  • Create manual and/or automatic „product“ schemas in JSON-LD to increase visibility in Google search results
  • WooCommerce support for our breadcrumbs
  • Global dynamic tags to insert in your metas titles / descriptions
  • Product Global Identifiers type and Product Global Identifiers fields to WooCommerce metabox for product schema (barcode)

Increase your sales now!

Universal SEO metabox: edit your metadata from any page builder / editor

Elementor + SEOPress: perfect combo!

We provide deep integration with Elementor page builder UI, see below:

SEOPress Insights: Off-site SEO plugin to track your rankings and backlinks in WordPress

  • Keyword rank tracker: 48 Google Search locations available
  • Track 50 keywords per site daily
  • Track your competitors: who ranks first on your keywords
  • Monitor and analyze your backlinks weekly
  • Google trends to find new and relevant ideas for your content marketing strategy
  • Your data accessible for life: export it to a CSV, PDF or Excel file. Sort, order, filter your data right from your WordPress.
  • Receive email and Slack alerts for your rankings to easily follow them

Buy SEOPress Insights now!

Developers will love SEOPress!

Снимки на разширението

  • SEOPress metabox
  • Facebook / X (ex-Twitter) social Preview
  • Content analysis metabox
  • SEOPress Configuration wizard
  • SEOPress Dashboard: welcome screen
  • SEOPress Dashboard: notification center / control panel
  • SEOPress PRO settings
  • Elementor integration
  • Divi integration
  • Oxygen integration
  • Beaver builder integration
  • Schema metabox


This plugin provides 2 blocks.

  • Sitemap Display an HTML sitemap
  • FAQ Allows to easily build FAQs


  1. Качете ‘wp-seopress’ в папката /wp-content/plugins/’
  2. Активирайте разширението от менюто ‘Разширения’ в WordPress
  3. Щракнете на SEOPress и обновете настройките.


Can I import my post and term metadata from other plugins?

You can import your metadata from Yoast SEO, All In One SEO (AIO SEO), The SEO Framework (TSF), Squirrly (post metas only, not terms), Rank Math, SEO Ultimate (post metas only, not terms), WP Meta SEO, wpSEO, Platinum SEO Pack, SmartCrawl, SEOPressor, Slim SEO and Premium SEO Pack in one click to SEOPress without losing traffic.

How to use Google Tag Manager / other scripts with SEOPress?

Go to SEO > Analytics > Custom Tracking tab. Paste GTM / custom tracking code to [HEAD] Add an additional tracking code / [BODY] Add an additional tracking code textarea fields. Save changes and clear your cache.

Which types of sitemaps support SEOPress?

XML sitemaps for search engines: post, page, post type, taxonomies, images and author.

HTML sitemap for accessibility and SEO.

SEOPress PRO supports Google News XML and Video sitemaps.

How do I get support?

For FREE users: guides, forum on, FAQ, hooks for developers, and videos on our YouTube channel.
For PRO users: support by mail from their customer account.

Is SEOPress GDPR compliant?

Yes! Learn more here about SEOPress and GDPR

Is SEOPress compatible with WordPress multisite?


Is white label a free feature?

Yes! Learn more here about SEOPress and the White Label feature

Is it compatible with the core XML sitemaps (WP 5.5+)?

Yes! We automatically disable the native WordPress XML sitemaps to avoid any SEO conflicts. Plus, our sitemaps are much more powerful!

My XML sitemap returns a 404 error

Read this post to solve this issue

My XML sitemap returns a blank page

Read this post to solve this issue

I don’t see the correct title!

You’re theme is probably using a deprecated function to handle the title. Learn more here

My question is not listed here!

Read our complete FAQ on our site


16.04.2024 1 reply
Before start using SEO Press I have used some competitors plugin and not been able to reach close to 90% in SEO rating and now I have been able and finally get some organics visitors. I completely recommend this SEO plugin and the Pro version is a must, soon I need to try the new plugin they have.
13.04.2024 1 reply
SEOPress facilite votre démarche pour référencer vos sites sous WordPress. Malgré quelques ratés lors de mises à jour, l'extension est réellement l'une des meilleures et propose toutes les fonctionnalités qu'on attend d'une telle extension. Elle est, de plus, moins invasive que ses concurrentes mondialement connues
12.04.2024 3 replies
I bought the Pro plugin. It has a programming error, which if you don't use an option, which is obviously optional, it doesn't work. His response was, why the hell didn't I use "that" optional option. And I answered two things: One, it is optional because you wanted it that way.Two, it's a damn basic programming error that can be fixed in a minute. But they preferred to say that I have no fucking idea. They don't deserve anything, zero stars, and they are obviously unprofessional. I don't wish them the best.
12.04.2024 1 reply
After extensive research and test use of the many available WordPress plugin tools available, including the top names (Yoast, AIOSEO, etc.), I decided to try SEOPress as I was very impressed with how their pricing structure aligned with our focus on catering to budget conscious startups yet was still so feature rich and up to date. I was admittedly skeptical given how much of a difference there was in the price point vs some of the top and most used names. I am confident that I made the right choice. Not only does it have all the features of some of the names I have tried, but it also has some additional ones that they did not, and it will enable my agency to offer the full pro version at a reasonable price in both custom-built full-service packages and ala carte to our DIY clients building their sites incrementally. The fact that it is 100% white label out of the box with no partnership application process is astounding to me and our clients will reap the benefits. The customer service has been quick and knowledgeable both pre and post purchase as well. Thank you SEOPress.
12.04.2024 1 reply
I'm very pleased with the plugin and support. Top class.
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  • INFO Add prevention for intl PHP module (we strongly invite webmasters to contact their hosts if you see a missing PHP intl module from our notification center. This is required by both WordPress Core and SEOPress.)
  • FIX Some CSS in WP admin

7.6 Read the blog post update

  • NEW Import redirections from AIOSEO (PRO)
  • NEW Remove Emoji scripts for older browsers to improve crawling (SEO, Advanced, Advanced tab)
  • NEW Add technical requirements to the wizard
  • NEW Google Analytics consent mode v2 for our cookie banner (beta)
  • INFO Bump WordPress version to 6.5
  • INFO Improve UI for textarea using code
  • INFO Improve UI in XML sitemaps and Titles and metas global settings
  • INFO Add a new notification for WPML users to translate SEOPress global settings
  • INFO Strengthening security
  • INFO Improve compatibility with specific locales
  • INFO Improve compatibility with Polylang (thanks to @sebastienserre from PLL team)
  • INFO We no longer „Remove View details modal & update notification links“ (White Label feature – PRO) for super admin and/or user roles with „update_plugins“ capability
  • FIX Improve compatibility with HappyFiles plugin
  • FIX ‘seopress_social_twitter_card_thumb’ and ‘seopress_social_og_thumb’ filters for our REST API
  • FIX Deprecated: Automatic conversion of false to array
  • FIX „Object object“ error for new post in SEO metabox
  • FIX PHP „Count“ error with content analysis

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