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Bakery Store

От Peccular

Версия: 0.2

Последно обновена: октомври 10, 2023

Активни инсталации: 100+

PHP версия: 5.6 или по-висока

Начална страница на темата

Bakery Store is a WordPress theme designed for showcasing products, services and shops related to bakery such as bakery shops, coffee shops, cakes and pastries shop, cafe, dessert shops, fast food chains, ice cream parlours and many more. It is a tempting WordPress theme that attracts more visitors with its eye-catching design. It is a customizable website design so that you can create your website and showcase your products and services exactly the way you want to. The theme has a user-friendly interface that make things effortless for you in creation of your website. The theme uses the latest HTML5 and awesome CSS3 that gives a clean view to the website with sophisticated homepage layouts. You can create a completely professional looking bakery website easily using this Bakery Store WordPress Theme. The theme also uses the Bootstrap Framework which makes the website responsive, lightweight and renders faster page loading that provides a lag free experience to the visitors and keeps them engaged on your website. Also the Theme is made SEO friendly to attract more visitors. The theme is also made compatible with all types of browsers, devices and screens to provide a seamless browsing experience to the visitors that visit your website.


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