WordPress Block and Stop Bad Bots Plugin StopBadBots


Stop Bad Bots, SPAM bots, Crawlers and spiders without DNS Cloud or API (EndPoint) Traffic Redirection.

Bad bots consume bandwidth, put SPAM in your comments and contact form, slow down and overload your server and can hack your server, steal your content and look for vulnerability to compromise your server.

Stop Bad Bots is completely self-contained and does not need to connect to any outside API or service. No DNS, API or Cloud Traffic Redirection. No Slow Down Your Site!

No .htaccess neither robots.txt required.

When a bad bot try to open any your WordPress page we show a 403 Forbidden page. Then, in your statistics like webalizer or visitor metrics, for example, you can see status 403 (forbidden) and 0 bytes. For more details, visit our online guide and FAQ page.

You don’t need create robots.txt neither touch your .htaccess file.

  • Not using WordPress? Check out the free standalone PHP version of StopBadBots (also Docker)
  • Your Bad Bots Table is updated with periodic free online automatic updates
  • Premium Option with Firewall protection.
  • Premium Option with weekly automatic table updates from our server instead 3x year in free version.
  • Included also Bad Bots IP Table. The plugin can block also the bat bots by IP using fake or blank User Agent.
  • Included also Bad Bots Referer/Referral spam Table. More than 8.400 bad bots included
  • Included also Visits Log with Whitelist Button
  • Anti Spam: Protect also Comments Form from bad bots
  • Anti Spam: Protect also Contact Form 7 and WP Form Plugins from bad bots
  • Protect Login Form Against Bots and Brute force Attacks
  • Stop Data Thieves From Stealing You
  • More than 4800 Bots, 8400 bad referer/referral and 3300 bad IPs Included!
  • You Can Add more …
  • No DNS or Cloud Traffic Redirection. No Slow Down Your Site! No Google penalties for slow sites.
  • Block User Enumeration
  • Block PingBack Request
  • Limit Bot Visits (Rate Limiting) (Premium)
  • Whitelist Table (Premium)
  • Block HTTP tools table (Premium)
  • The Plugin doesn’t block main Google, Yahoo and Bing (Microsoft) bots.
  • Easy to manage the list. You can add more bots, IPs and referrer or deactivate any bot
  • Save bandwidth.
  • Optionally receive an email alert
  • Block False Google/Microsoft Bots (Premium Version)

Demo Video
Premium Version Available
Online Documentation
StartUp Guide
FAQ Page
Plugin Site
Compatible With Anti Hacker Plugin
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This plugin is not about Analytics Spam referrals.
For more details about that, please, visit our FAQ page:
and look for Analytics SPAM referral

Note: If you use the plugin WPFastestCache, looks like they use a bot named „test“.
In this case, you need deactivate this bot in our table. (Dashboard => Stop Bad Bots => Bad Bots Table)
After activate, check the bot’s table frequently, especially in the first days.

Check also the Block Visits Log. You will find one Whitelist button there.

Confirm if you want block all that bots.

Maybe you want unblock Baidu, Yandex, Seznam or another search engine in your language or some social sites, if they are usefull for you.
If you use RSS FEED service, probably they have their bot to read your feeds.Remember to deactivate their bot.
Same thing if you create some smartphone APP.StopBadBots it is a powerfull tool. Then, like all powerfull tools it is necessary to use with care and attention.

Снимки на разширението

  • Dashboard
  • Dashboard
  • Setting2 Page
  • Default Bot Table


1) Install via wordpress.org
2) Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.


How to Install?
1) Install via wordpress.org
2) Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.

Where is the Startup Guide?

Where is the OnLine Manual?

Where is the Faq page?

How can i get support?

Where is the demo video?
Demo Video


I use this plugin on all my sites to block bad bots, IPs and referrers. It has now also some other security checks. It is very easy to block and allow bots like the new Applebot for example. It has now a visitors log so that you can see who is being blocked and for what reason. To be 100% honest, the UI is not the sexiest that I have seen, but what is under the hood is what counts. Also, the author gives very fast reply & support. Recommended if you want to improve the security of your WordPress installation.
First of all, thank you for creating this plugin. I found the effectiveness of this plugin when I disabled the prevent spam comments option from the settings. My post was flooded with spam comments in just one day. Though the plugin has some false positives and it blocked a few of my genuine customers but overall it's a lifesaver against spammers so thank you for putting in the efforts to create and maintain this plugin.
I gave it a try but sadly it does not work as it should. It blocks also in test mode and no email is sent by it. Because of the lack of a own logfile, finding out why someone or something was blocked is painful and too much effort if you have a big website. I am sure it's useful for others, but for me it's not useful at all. Sadly also the support seemed not to be interested in helping me out. Not even in the testmode problem.
Works, easy to configure and use. Recommended. Built by a trusted programmer. Free version is excellent. Pro version is VERY reasonably priced. Bill isn't out to rape your wallet and he knows what he's doing.
Amazingly super fast help. First day using it so can't yet comment how good it is at moment. Thanks
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Списък с промени

6.19 – 2020-11-17 Fixed Improved activation time.
6.18 – 2020-11-11 Fixed Issue with auto update.
6.17 – 2020-11-11 Fixed Issue to Upload to WP Servers.
6.16 – 2020-11-11 Minor improvements.
6.15 – 2020-11-04 Added more BadIps and Bad referrer and other improvements.
6.14 – 2020-10-27 Added Report of Visits Log with whitelist Button
6.13 – 2020-10-14 Minor Improvements.
6.12 – 2020-10-12 Improved dismiss banners button.
6.11 – 2020-08-23 Improved Cron Jobs to keep databases small.
6.10 – 2020-07-21 Fix Uninstall to remove all tables.
6.09 – 2020-07-10 Fix the CloudFlare wrong IP.
6.08 – 2020-04-09 Fix small bug in functions PHP with customized prefix.
6.07 – 2020-04-01 Small Improvements
6.06 – 2020-02-14 Create table fingerprint if not exists
6.05 – 2020-02-10 Improved queries
6.04 – 2020-02-09 Fixed small bug in Cron Jobs
6.03 – 2020-02-08 Small Improvements
6.02 – 2020-01-11 Reinforce the Status code 403 to blocked bots.
6.01 – 2020-01-10 Small Improvements
6.00 – 2020-01-02 Adde Whitelist, Block HTTP tools, Limit Boat Visits, Automatic Plugin Upgrade Option,
Improved Dashboard.
5.59 – 2019-12-22 Improved Memory Management.
5.58 – 2019-12-10 Fixed missed graph file on Dashboard.
5.57 – 2019-12-10 Improved Dashboard.
5.56 – 2019-11-20 Added protection against spam for WP Forms Plugin.
5.55 – 2019-11-11 Added protection against spam for Contact Form 7 Plugin and Comments Form.
5.54 – 2019-11-01 Added protection against spammers.
5.53 – 2019-10-22 False Google Bot check included.
5.52 – 2019-09-10 Improved Help.
5.51 – 2019-09-02 Added User Enumeration and PingBack Request Block.
5.50 – 2019-08-06 Problem to upload previous version.
5.49 – 2019-08-06 Improved speed.
5.48 – 2019-07-11 Improved Compatibility with anothers plugins.
5.47 – 2019-07-04 Prevent zlib warning when debug is active.
5.46 – 2019-07-04 Problem to Upload previous version to WordPress.
5.45 – 2019-07-04 Prevent zlib warning when debug is active.
5.44 – 2019-06-28 Improved Bad Ip Block System
5.43 – 2019-04-17 Improved Site Health information.
5.42 – 2019-04-02 Added block tool to Empty User Agents, Test Mode Status, improved low memory messages and link to setting in plugins page.
5.41 – 2019-03-23 Improved Low Memory Messages.
5.40 – 2019-03-20 Saved some scripts only with Linux end of line and removed windows end of line.
5.39 – 2019-03-13 Improved Low Memory Fix System.
5.38 – 2019-03-05 Load quickly pluggable.php.
5.37 – 2019-03-05 Improved Multisite with super_admin control.
5.36 – 2019-03-01 Improved Dashboard.
5.35 – 2019-02-27 Added Tol to Fix the low memory issue of the site with one click.
5.34 – 2019-02-18 Included Table Bad Referer/referral.
5.33 – 2019-02-13 Table Optimizations 3.
5.32 – 2019-02-12 Table Optimizations 2.
5.31 – 2019-02-12 Table Optimizations.
5.30 – 2019-02-12 Added more 605 bad ips.
5.29 – 2019-02-12 Added more 1050 bots.
5.28 – 2019-01-17 Begin to show 403 Forbidden page to blocked bots.
5.27 – 2019-01-03 Improved Firewall Notifications.
5.26 – 2019-01-02 Improved Firewall Notifications.
5.25 – 2019-01-01 Improved Dashboard Notifications.
5.24 – 2019-01-01 Improved Dashboard Notifications.
5.23 – 2018-12-26 Added Firewall to Pro Version.
5.22 – 2018-12-16 Improved Performance.
5.21 – 2018-12-04 Improved Performance.
5.20 – 2018-11-30 Improved Performance.
5.19 – 2018-11-26 Improvement (dashboard-Layout).
5.18 – 2018-11-22 Improvement (dashboard-Layout).
5.17 – 2018-11-01 Improvement (dashboard-Layout).
5.16 – 2018-10-29 Improvement (dashboard-Layout).
5.15 – 2018-10-28 Stats improvement (graph).
5.14 – 2018-10-28 Included new dashboard.
5.13 – 2018-10-25 Minor bug fixed.
5.12 – 2018-10-25 Minor bug fixed.
5.11 – 2018-10-24 Improved Stats.
5.10 – 2018-10-22 Engine Improvements.
5.09 – 2018-10-11 Start Up Guide Improvements.
5.08 – 2018-10-07 Help Improvements.
5.05 to 5.07 – 2018-10-04 Help Improvements.
5.01 to 5.04 2018-09-21- Small improvements.
5.00 2018-09-14- Included IPs Table.
4.80 2018-09-04- Improved Help and design.
4.79 2018-08-08- Improved Help.
4.78 2018-05-07- Improved low memory checkup and warning.
4.77 2018-03-21- Don’t empty bots table when updated or restarted.
4.76 2018-03-20- Improved bot filter.
4.75 2018-03-13- Minor bug fixed in functions.php.
4.74 2018-03-13- Improved Security.
4.73 2018-01-05- Improved Security.
4.72 2018-01-05- Improved Security.
4.71 2017-12-23- Improved Help.
4.7 2017-12-13 – Removed Debug Notice.
4.6 2017-12-10 – Fixed Minor Bug when update Version to save disabled bots status.
4.5 2017-12-09 – Fixed Minor Bug in activate /deactivate bots.
4.4 2017-12-09 – Improved Security.
4.3 2017-12-07 – Improved Help.
4.2 2017-12-06 – Improved Security.
4.1 2017-12-06 – Internal development.
4.0 2017-11-02 – Created Premium Version with weekly database updates.
3.9 2017-10-31 – Improved speed, removed inactive bots from table.
3.8 2017-08-15 – Help and Feedback improved.
3.7 2017-06-06 – Improved Memory optimization.
3.6 2017-06-05 – Improved Start Up Guide and tested with WordPress 4.8
3.5 2017-06-01 – Add Memory Diagnose Tab.
3.4 2017-05-30 – Improved memory usage and replaced around 300 inactive bots with new actives.
3.3 2017-05-05 – Help text Improvements.
3.2 2017-05-04 – Help Improvements.
3.1 2017-05-03 – Force system to upload new bots
3.0 2017-05-02 – Add more than 1500 new bots bots
2.7 2017-04-12 – Feedback System Improvements
2.6 2017-04-04 – Plugin Management Dashboard Improvements
2.5 2017-04-03 – Night – We got some problem to upload version 2.4 to server, then, we decide created a new one.
2.4 2017-04-03 – Afternoon – Improved Management Panel and Security.
2.3 2017-04-03 – Morning – Start Up Guide Updated and security improvements.
2.2 2017-03-11 – Improvements at Help System and Navigation.
2.1 2017-01-24 – Improvements at bots table and Included help file (english).
2.0 2017-01-15 – Included Bad bot’s table online automatic update and My bad bots table merged with Bot’s table.
1.7 2017-01-05 – Help and get ip improvements.
1.6 2016-12-05 – Tested with WordPress 4.7
1.5 2016-08-16 – Removed Warning Message when WordPress Debug is true
1.4 2016-08-05 – Add Screen Options at bots table and readme.txt message was tested with WordPress 4.6.
1.3 2016-07-28 – Add column Num Blocked at Bad Bots Table. (How many times each bot was blocked)
1.2 2016-07-01 – Improved email notification system.
1.1 2016-05-27 – Add more than 700 new bad bots and included search featured at bad bots table.
1.0 2016-05-13 – Initial Release