WooCommerce Multilingual – използвайте WooCommerce с WPML


This ‘glue’ plugin makes it possible to run fully multilingual e-commerce sites using WooCommerce and WPML.

Key Features

  • Translate all WooCommerce products (simple, variable, grouped, external)
  • Easy translation management for products, categories and attributes
  • Запазва същият език по време на процеса на поръчване и плащане
  • Sends emails to clients and admins in their language
  • Позволява проследяване на инвентара без делене на продуктите по език
  • Позволява един WooCommerce магазин да има множество валути

Compatibility with WooCommerce Extensions

Almost every WooCommerce store uses some extensions. WooCommerce Multilingual is fully compatible with popular extensions, including:

Looking for other extensions that are tested and compatible with WPML? See the complete list of WooCommerce extensions that are compatible with WPML.

Инструкции за употреба

За стъпка по стъпка инструкции как да настроите многоезичен магазин, моля отидете на WooCommerce Multilingual страница с ръководство.

After installing, follow the steps of the setup wizard to translate the store pages, configure what attributes should be translated, enable the multi-currency mode and other settings.

Then, continue to the ‘Products’ and any categories, tags and attributes that you use.

Когато имате нужда от помощ, моля отидете на форума за поддръжка на WooCommerce Multilingual.


This version of WooCommerce Multilingual works with WooCommerce > 3.3.0

Вие също ще имате нужда от WPML, заедно със String Translation и Translation Management модулите, които са част от пакета Multilingual CMS

Минимална версия за WPML и други модули

WooCommerce Multilingual checks that the required components are active and up to date.

If the checks fail, WooCommerce Multilingual will not be able to run.

Снимки на разширението

  • Products translation screen
  • Product translation editor
  • Global attributes translation
  • Много валути
  • Status Page
  • Shop URLs translation screen


Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress 4.7 or later
  • PHP version 5.6 or later
  • MySQL version 5.6 or later

  • WooCommerce 3.3.0 or later

  • WPML Multilingual CMS 4.3.5 or later
  • WPML String Translation 3.0.5 or later
  • WPML Translation Management 2.9.1 or later

WordPress automatic installation

In your WordPress dashboard, go to the Plugins section and click ‘Add new’.

WPML Installer

If you’re already using WPML on your site, in your WordPress dashboard, go to the Plugins section, click ‘Add new’ and go to the ‘Commercial’ tab.

Manual Installation

  1. Качете ‘woocommerce-multilingual’ в директорията с плъгини на вашият сайт ‘/wp-content/plugins/’
  2. Активирайте плъгина през менюто ‘Плъгини’ в WordPress


After installing the plugin either automatically or manually:

  1. Follow the steps of the setup wizard for the basic required configuration
  2. Translate existing content: products, attributes, permalink bases
  3. Optionally, add secondary currencies


Once you installer WooCommerce Multilingual, the built in Installer works together with the WordPress automatic update built in logic to make the updating process as easy as it can be.


Работи ли плъгина ви с други е-комерс плъгини?

Не. Този плъгин е специално предназначен да работи с WooCommerce.

Какво трябва да направя в моята тема?

Моля уверете се че във вашата тема няма твърдо-въведени URL адреси. Винаги използвайте API обръщения за плучаване на URL адресите до страниците, и всичко друго ще е наред.

Моята страница за плащане се показва в същият език

За да може вашата страница за плащане, както и другите страници от вашият магзин, да бъдат преведени, е необходимо да създадете няколко WordPress страници и да вложите в тях специфичните WooCommerce шорткодове. Моля прегледайте документацията и се уверете че сте изпълнили всички стъпки докрай.

Can I have different urls for the store in the different languages?

Yes. You can translate the product permalink base, product category base, product tag base and the product attribute base on the Store URLs section.

Why do my product category pages return a 404 error?

In this case, you may need to translate the product category base. You can do that on the Store URLs section.

Can I set the prices in the secondary currencies?

By default, the prices in the secondary currencies are determined using the exchange rates that you fill in when you add or edit a currency. On individual products, however, you can override this and set prices manually for the secondary currencies.

Can I have separate currencies for each language?

Yes. By default, each currency will be available for all languages, but you can customize this and disable certain currencies on certain languages.

Is this plugin compatible with other WooCommerce extensions?

WooCommerce Multilingual is compatible with all major WooCommerce extensions. We’re continuously work on checking and maintaining compatibility and collaborate closely with the authors of these extensions.


Powerful opportunities and woocommerce support, acf and so on. I like sync between categories and pages. Not easy to set up all connections and I prefer classic editor over translator stuff but still I like it.
Since I install it, the loading time of each admin page take 20s min. I saw on the help forum that a lot of people had the same issue, the support team proposes all the time the same things to do but nobodies solve his problem.
Not a lot to say: the plugin works perfect, turning your WooCommerce Store into a Multi-Language one. It allows multiple currencies and helps translating all your WooCommerce Store. Just works, and it's great!
Hi, By far the most flexible multilanguage plugin, everything you want can be done. I say can be done, but sometimes the question is how. Basically i'm always searching for settings, I don't work with WPML daily, when I need to change something it feels like I have to learn WPML all over again. The same for my users, it's just way to easy to make mistakes, resulting in many hours going over everything and fixing it. Not a great time saver. And i'm afraid it's not a single thing, to much for this review. I got 1 major tip, test with users that have no WPML knowledge AT ALL and see were they go wrong. Warn users with more obvious notices, people currently don't read them. 1 exmaple The following notice: 'Changes in this translation will effect the terms in general! (not only for this product)'.. (plugin: Woocommerce multilanguage) is something users don't read or understand. Resulting in major translation mess-ups.
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Сътрудници и разработчици

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Списък с промени


  • Fixed JS SyntaxError on Products listing page.
  • Fixed not registered ‘Additional Content’ emails setting text after first saving.
  • Remove extra slash from the end of the translated base slug if a user added it.
  • Fix custom fields translation in Translation Editor for Variations post type.
  • Fixed customer Completed email has not translated heading and subject with WooCommerce 4.0.
  • Fixed duplicated currency code in „Default currency“ drop-down on Multi-currency settings page.
  • Fixed language selector displayed in wrong place on Permalinks settings page.
  • Fix customer order status email language when sent the shop manager use english language and english is not an active language.
  • Fixed attributes synchronization may break variations relationships.
  • Fixed not saved custom prices if translation is duplicated and Native screen editor selected.
  • Fixed multiple same post meta keys translations.
  • Add variation single „translatable“ custom fields to translation package.
  • Fixed error on Subscription renewal via PayPal.
  • Fixed not saved The Events Calendar ticket meta if translation done by Translation Service.


  • Replaced some Twig templates with pure PHP templates as the first step towards the removal of Twig dependencies.
  • added comp. class to cover price update when products are edited with WOOBE plugin
  • Added compatibility class for WooCommerce order status Manager plugin
  • Fixed an issue where the strings for the default payment methods were not properly translated on the Checkout page.
  • Fixed an issue with the cache flush during language switching.
  • Fixed in the original ticket.
  • Fixed an issue where the gateway strings would always register in English instead of the site’s default language.
  • Fixed languages column width on products table.
  • Fixed PHP Notice for WC Variations Swatches And Photos compatibility.
  • WooCommerce Bookings compatibility : Fixed notice when trying to cancel booking.
  • Fixed an issue where the total price on the Composite product page was not rounded.
  • Fixed an issue causing wrong rewrite rules after saving the settings and visiting a page in a language other than the default.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect price converting for the Product add-ons.
  • Fixed an issue with the WooCommerce Subscriptions availability in the secondary language after purchasing the subscription in the original language.
  • Fixed an issue with the currency reverting to the default one during checkout.
  • Fixed removed meta from original product not synchronized to translation.
  • Fixed an issue where the BACS gateway instructions were not translated when re-sending the customer notification email from the admin.
  • Fixed an issue with missing language information for attribute terms that happened after changing the attribute slug.
  • Removed the Twig Composer dependency as it now relies on Twig from the WPML core plugin.
  • Fixed an issue where customers would not receive notifications in the correct language.
  • Fixed an issue where the Products shortcode was not working in the secondary language.
  • Fixed error while sending WooCoomerce Bookings email for bookings which didn’t have orders assigned.
  • Added compatibility for free version of YIKES Custom Product Tabs.
  • Updated compatibility class for WC Checkout Addons
  • Fixed the images that were wrongly inserted in the translation job when attachments are not translatable.
  • Significantly improved the site performance on when updating the page, post, or a WooCommerce product page in the admin.
  • Added the „wp_“ prefix to all cookies so that hosting and caching layers can properly handle them.
  • Fixed a JavaScript error on the Store URLs tab.
  • Fixed an issue where the „Fix translated variations relationships“ troubleshooting option was removing translated variations.
  • Fixed an issue where product names were not translated in the admin emails.
  • Fixed an issue with the price filter widget not showing results in a secondary language.
  • Fixed an issue where the shipping classes in secondary languages were not calculated during checkout.
  • Display larger images when hovering thumbnails in the WooCommerce Multilingual Products admin page.
  • Added the „wcml_new_order_admin_email_language“ filter to allow setting the language of emails sent to admins for new or updated orders.


  • Fix wrong currency code after removing item from manually created order
  • Replace *_woocommerce_term_meta functions on *_term_meta
  • Fix gallery images not showing up on translated product page
  • Fix double calculating order item price while manually adding it from admin to order with WooCommerce 3.6.0
  • Fix performance issues on checkout with manage stock products
  • Fix performance issue on shop page with WooCommerce 3.6
  • Fix loading scripts on admin pages
  • Fix coupon discount when editing order from admin
  • Fix wrong product price after adding another product to existing order from admin
  • Fix my-account page endpoints in secondary language with pages set to „Display as translated“


  • Add „get_post_metadata“ hook to filter Woocommerce product data
  • Added function in troubleshooting page to fix broken variations
  • Fixed DB error when saving a variation with specific steps
  • Fix refreshing of status icon when ATE Job of updated content is synced
  • Fix few notices when removing a Elementor widget and refresh page
  • Fetch ATE translations from WCML Product Translation Tab
  • Fix warning when adding comment to product
  • Fixed wrong price calculation when adding product to new order on backend
  • Fixed bookings counter on admin bookings listing page
  • Fixed stock quantity not synchronized to translation when creating it
  • Fixed notice when saving translation
  • Fixed translated attributes via ATE/Translation service not connected to translated product
  • Fix not translated „On Hold“ email subject after returning order from „Processing“
  • Remove unneded $_SESSION variables on checkout page
  • Fix PHP notice Notice: Only variables should be passed by reference
  • Implemented dependency check for minimum compatible versions of required WPML plugins
  • Fixed default variation not pre-selected on front-end for translated product with non latin attribute in default language
  • Fix cannot change currency with „wcml_client_currency“ filter
  • Fixed not valid API key when trying manually update exchange rates
  • WooCommerce Variation Swatches and Photos compatibility to translate attributes
  • Fix related product displays in all languages
  • Added compatibility with Yikes Custom Product Tabs


  • Added the ability to associate BACS accounts with currencies
  • Hide reviews in other languages link, if there are no reviews in product
  • Update WCML Logo
  • Removed Product Type Column from WCML backend and added compatibility with the WC Product Type Column plugin
  • Fix low_stock_amount not synchronized to translations
  • Fix custom attribute with number in name not appears to translation in Translation editor
  • Fix not applied price rule for WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping in second currency
  • Fix translated custom field wrongly saved to translation if contains array of strings
  • Endless loop when using troubleshooting action to duplicate terms
  • Fixed an issue with Elementor PRO products block showing all categories in the translated page.
  • Fixed Xliff doesn’t contains variation descriptions for WooCommerce Subscriptions
  • Fixed compatibility issue with Flatsome theme
  • Fix issue with custom product attribute title when trying to upload translation with XLIFF file
  • Fixed cart validate for specific situations
  • Added filter for translated package rates
  • Added WPML switcher buttons library for Multi Currency in backend
  • Fix loading Jquery to any place in code and in header
  • Added fix for variation product „become“ out-of-stock when translating using native screen
  • Removed backward compatibility filters for terms synchronization
  • Fixed attribute slug language always set to English
  • Wrong path in Bookings compatibility class
  • Fixed a fatal error occuring with older versions of WooCommerce (3.3.5)
  • Fixed confirming order as complete from the order edit screen, does not decrement the second language stock qty
  • Product category data always synchronizes on save of the translation and does not respect WPML option to sync taxonomies
  • Fixed call to undefined method WPML_URL_Filters::remove_global_hooks with WPML < 3.6.0
  • Fixed compatibility class name for wc product addons
  • Fixed manual order creation does not respect manual prices
  • Fix email language for the order as complete emails
  • Fixed Composite Products compatibility – Price not rounding to the nearest integer
  • Fixed missing custom attribute in XLIFF file / Pro Translation
  • Fix Endpoint error to prevent 404 in some cases
  • Fixed accepted arguments for terms_clause
  • Resolved an exception causing an error message in the cart in some setups
  • Fixed missed synchronization of ‘outofstock’ visibility term between product translations
  • Fix broken logic with Table Rate Shipping when product uses class with „break and abort“ rule
  • Custom attributes terms not copied to diplicated translation after update values in original
  • Added support for wpml endpoints
  • WP Fastest Cache compatibility – fixed currency switcher problem
  • Added ability to set custom prices for secondary currencies in WC Product Add-Ons
  • Update minimum requirements
  • Added ability to add custom payment methods for each currency